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Founded in 1947, Bilsar has become a leading figure in the fashion world with 60 year of experience in the textile sector. Bilsar built its strategy on specializing in shirt design and production. As Turkey's foremost shirt producer and exporter, Bilsar produces over 2.5 million shirts every year. With the opening of its 40.000 m2 production and logistics plant in Çorum in 1992, Bilsar joined the vanguard of shirt manufacturers.
In the late 90's, Bilsar also developed its growth strategy in brand management. Bilsar currently manages a broad portfolio of owned and licensed brands and is continuously expanding its portfolio. Fred Perry and Eleven Paris are some of the brands managed by Bilsar in Turkey.
With the aim of benefiting from the increasing retail potential of its new brands, Bilsar entered the retail sector with several new store concepts. In addition to Fred Perry flagship stores, Bilsar has also created one of Turkey’s first life-style concept store named 'Bilstore' and brought a new dimension to the conventional shopping in Turkey. Bilsar has also created its unique-designed shirt brands Bil’s and Bil’s Studio.
The headquarters of Bilsar is placed in the Tunel area of Beyoğlu. The Bilsar Building is an exquisite example of Art Nouveau architecture and has been renovated by the Aga Han award-winning architect Han Tumertekin.
Beyond these activities in the fashion and design sector, Bilsar is also known for its support to contemporary art and theatre in Turkey and is a dedicated sponsor of artistic events such as the world-known Istanbul Biennial. In addition to the 9th International Istanbul Biennial; the Afife Jale Award-winning 'Dotbilsarda: Vur / Yagmala / Yeniden' Project of Dot Theatre, 'Without Hintersinn' a parallel event to the 11th Istanbul Biennial which was a joint project of Slag Gallery of New York and contemporary art shows of various towering art galleries are just a few examples of the activities hosted by Bilsar.