We are a family company established as Bilsar in 1947. We have specialized in shirts for the last 32 years, producing shirts for world brands in our own factory.

Our CEO, Selman Bilal, from the 3rd generation of our family, has a great passion for shirts.

There is always one thing at the focus of our company; it is the shirt.

As such, we know a lot about shirts and embrace it with all its elements.
In fact, not a single day goes by when we do not think about shirts.

For this reason, our shirt brand Bil’s which we launched in 2000 under the consultancy of Bülent Erkmen with the goal of creating the “white shirt culture”, is a great passion for us.

Ever since the first day, we continue to pursue this passion and we present our brand Bil’s with collections grouped for specific needs, without restricting it only to white.

However, this time our goal is not only to present our shirts designed and produced in our own factory with a technological and sustainable approach, but also to share everything we know about shirts with you and even have you witness the process of production.