Established in 1947, Bilsar has become one of the dynamic, pioneering and innovative names of the fashion world today, with over 70 years of gratifying experience in the textile sector.
Bilsar, as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Turkey, produces more than 2.5 million shirts annually.

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Bilsar carries out its production in Çorum Industrial Zone with its facilities established on a total of 40.000 square meters, 15.000 of which are indoors. According to today's technological developments, Bilsar constantly updates its production park and combines the power of technology with skilled craftsmanship and creative perspective of its experienced team. By employing more than 1,000 people in its offices in Çorum and Istanbul, Bilsar is one of Turkey's largest organizations in exports and industrial production.

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Bilsar carries out 90% of its shirt production capacity, which is close to 2.5 million units annually, for reputable brands in Europe and the USA. As one of the most important suppliers of many leading fashion brands in the world, Bilsar serves its customers with a fast delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks after fabric supply and minimum error margin. Bilsar's export department, with its greatly competent customer representatives, acts as a bridge between production and brands to ensure problems are solved as soon as possible.



In order to create a new space to exhibit artists' video works and to bring art lovers together, Bilsar has transformed the garage of its office building into a non-profit art space that focuses on video art.