Bilsar has become one of the dynamic, pioneering and innovative names of the fashion world today, with over 70 years of gratifying experience in the textile sector.

Bilsar, as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Turkey, produces more than 3 million shirts annually. Having divided 90% of this capacity into boutique and mass shirt production for reputable brands in Europe, USA and Japan, Bilsar took its place among the pioneers of the shirt industry in 1992 with the launch of its 40,000 square meters factory, 15.000 of which are indoors, in the Organized Industrial Zone in Çorum and is proud to have “the biggest facility producing shirts under a single roof in Turkey”.

By continuing to specialize in shirt design and production for the last 32 years, the things that Bilsar care about the most in this process are to maintain its dynamic structure by closely following the technology and to be a pioneer in the fashion sector with innovative projects. Its own brand Bil’s, launched in 2000 with the goal of creating a “white shirt culture”, meets these features perfectly as it is the first exclusively white shirt brand in the world. Ever since the first day, Bilsar continues to pursue this passion and presents its own brand Bil’s with collections grouped for specific needs, without restricting it only to white.

The central building of Bilsar is located in the Tunnel region of Beyoğlu. Bilsar Building, which is an Art Nouveau style building, was renovated by an Ağa Han award winner architect, Han Tümertekin.

Alongside fashion and design, Bilsar has always been an important supporter of contemporary art and theater in Turkey. In order to create a new space to exhibit artists’ video works and to bring art lovers together, Bilsar has transformed the garage of its office building into a non-profit art space that focuses on video art. Bilsar also acts as the main sponsor of artistic organizations and initiatives such as the Dot Theater.